Why Join WVRPA


Actively concerned with recreation, parks, recreation, conservation, environmental education, programs and issues.

A blend of professional volunteers, lay citizens, educators and students who are aware of the mental physical, social and economic values of parks and recreation.

A non-profit educational leisure service organization.


TO UNITE into one organization, all conservation, recreation, and park personnel in the state of West Virginia.

TO PROMOTE professional objectives.

TO FOSTER AND MAINTAIN high standards of professional qualifications and professional ethics.

TO STIMULATE AND PROMOTE a widening interest in recreation in local communities and statewide through the conservation and development of the resources of the state of West Virginia.

TO PROMOTE principles and standards for the improvement of recreational services and to encourage study and research in professional relations.


Opportunities for interaction and the exchange of ideas with recreation and park professionals from all types of agencies. Networking with your peers can prove to be an invaluable asset.

Legislative advocacy on behalf of West Virginia’s recreation and park interest in Charleston and Washington D.C.
National representation through affiliation with the National Recreation and Park Association.

An annual conference highlighting current trends in the field. Also bi-monthly board meetings and special mid-year board meetings in which the entire membership is welcome to attend.

Outreach Committee: created to provide management assistance to park and recreation agencies throughout West Virginia.

WVRPA REVIEW, the biyearly association magazine. It provides a forum for members to submit articles, news items and commentary of interest to other

Publication of an annual Membership Directory, which is distributed to all members.

Promotion of special programs such as Discount Ticket Sales Programs and national programs.

Certification of Park and Recreation Professionals For information on the certification program, contact the Association office.

All members may participate in Committee activities.

Practical informative workshops. These professional education sessions are held periodically at various locations throughout the State. Many award CEU credits.


All persons involved in providing leisure services throughout the following areas:

COMMUNITY – Professionals and citizens involved in providing programs and services at the municipal or county level.

EDUCATORS – Individuals involved in Park and Recreation education and research at colleges and universities.

PARK RESOURCES – Individuals interested in the operation, management, design and/or maintenance of parks and recreation areas and facilities, including campgrounds, nature preserves and privately owned recreation areas.

STATE PARKS – Personnel involved in operation and maintenance of our West Virginia State Park system.

THERAPEUTIC RECREATION – Recreation practitioners providing for special populations in hospitals, institutions, nursing homes and communities.

COMMISSIONERS/BOARD MEMBERS – Those citizens who serve on Boards or Commissions, providing a policy-making or advisory role.

STUDENTS – College and University students who are enrolled in leisure service preparatory programs.

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